July 26-29 2017 Register
  • 3 long Sleeved Shirts and 2 Skirts and/or 2 Dresses (*skirt/ dress length should be below the knee, but above the ankle, about mid-calf length, so you don’t step on the hem as you are pushing your cart.)
  • 2 Aprons (*optional, but extra pockets are useful)
  • Hats / bonnets (*Sun protection is a must! Baseball style hats will not cut out enough sun, we are talking 360-degree protection. Plus, no one will be washing their hair for a few days.)
  • 2 Bloomers (*Chafing is a bummer. Modesty is important) these could be actual bloomers, biking shorts, exercise shorts, basketball shorts…. All should be knee length or mid -thigh.
  • 4-6 socks (and plenty of them, *may want to look into a liner style sock, that goes under the original sock.)
  • 2 pairs of Shoes, good trail worthy shoes. (*please have them broken in before trek, blisters are painful) 

F.Y.I. the stake will be providing bags to put the everyday essentials in. (lip balm, journal and pen, sunblock, water bottle, etc.….)

Ideas on where to shop as a Pioneer
Deseret Industries (go early and often), Borrow from others who have done Trek ,Buy them, Make them.

Make it a goal to have the outfits done by the end of June!

What NOT TO Wear

Blue jeans, baseball caps, tank tops, t-shirts, tight/short dresses, brand new shoes.