July 26-29 2017 Register

Each Trek participant will be responsible for providing his or her own clothing and equipment for the 4 day Trek. There are many resources available to you.

  • Check with family members or friends who may have gone on a Trek and already have clothing that you can borrow.
  • Check the DI and thrift stores for any clothing that could be used or modified to fit the clothing requirements.
  • The Trek clothing committee is happy to provide patterns and other resources for making your own clothing.

There are also several stores and websites that sell pioneer outfits if you want to purchase them.

We would like the Trek experience to be as authentic as possible, and this includes the clothing. Girls are to wear ankle-length skirts or dresses, aprons, shawls, blouses, bonnets, and bloomers. It is recommended that you wear a spandex type short to help prevent chafing.  Men will have long-sleeved shirts, western-style hats, suspenders, and cotton or corduroy pants.  Everyone must have a pair of broken-in hiking or running shoes, an old coat or jacket, sweats for nightwear, a rain poncho, and a pair of work gloves.

For a specific list of what you need to bring (and what not to bring), try the following pages:

You’ll need to fill out the Registration Form online to register.   On that form you will need to declare any medical issues, and have parents give their permissions there.  Anyone attending Trek will need to Register.  Those forms can be accessed on the Register to Attend page. You can also view a map of the site where we’ll be trekking.

Finally, if you have any questions, see if you can get answers on our comprehensive FAQ page. If the answer isn’t there, contact your Ward Trek Coordinator.