July 26-29 2017 Register

FAQs & Contact Info

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – Saturday July 29, 2017. Check-in will be 6pm to 8pm on the evening of Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

There is no cost involved other than preparing yourself for Trek.

We will be trekking at the Deseret Land and Livestock, Evanston, Wyoming.

All youth in the stake who are 14 years of age by Aug. 31, 2017, unless special permission is given by an individual’s bishop.

Everyone who goes on Trek will be required to turn in proper registration forms. These forms can be accessed on this website. We highly recommend that you prepare yourselves physically and spiritually. The Stake Presidency has issued a challenge that will not only help you prepare for Trek but it will also help you build a foundation of spiritual strength that will support and lift you the rest of your life.

Plenty! We will walk and pull handcarts for 4 days. It will be important to be in shape and to have sturdy shoes/boots. Start now to exercise, break in your shoes, and start the hydration program outlined in the Physical Preparation sections in the Monthly Goals.

The best thing you can do is to work on the challenge from the Stake Presidency as well as your Duty to God and Young Women in Excellence requirements. Some requirements will take longer than others. You will be trekking on behalf of a pioneer so it would also be good to learn about those who crossed the plains in the 1850s. You can read some of those stories on this website. The book “The Price We Paid” is also an excellent resource regarding the Martin and Willie Handcart companies. Exercising through the next few months is important. Remember that your Trek experience will depend on how well you prepare.

Yes, it is found in the Trek Individual Equipment List.

Plan on having all of your pioneer clothing at least one month prior to Trek. DI is a great resource but there may be other stakes in the valley participating in Trek, so we recommend that you start to collect (or sew) your clothing as early as possible.

The use of contacts is discouraged. The Trek site can be windy, sandy and dusty. Plan now to have a pair of glasses you can use. If you must wear contacts, have a sturdy pair of sunglasses on hand to protect your eyes.

Youth must register on line by March 31, 2017.

Your bucket (which will be your luggage and seat) should be packed and ready to go to on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. That night, your buckets and sleeping bags will be loaded into trailers/vehicles at the Stake Center. Don’t worry, we will mark your gear so that you will be able to find it when we get to the site. It would be a good idea to mark your bucket and duffle bag with tying a unique piece of fabric to it for easy spotting. We will hand out your possibles bag to you the night before we leave so you can pack your essential items: Stake issued BOM/Journal, lip balm, hand cream, wipes/hand sanitizer, durable water bottle etc. After a short meeting the morning of July 26, 2017, we will depart for Deseret Land and Livestock. You will need to be dressed for trek that morning.

Yes, and it will be awesome! There is room on the buses for all youth and Ma/Pa’s as well as most committee members. Some committee members will travel in separate vehicles to pull trailers.

No. We are traveling by bus and the stake is required to pay an entrance fee for all who are present. There is a gate that cannot be opened during our Trek per DLL rules. If you attend trek you must arrive and leave with the main group.

LOL!!! Nope, sorry. Besides you are going to be too busy to be texting your BFF.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call the contact numbers on this page. Your Ward Trek Coordinator is also a good resource, especially regarding the needed paperwork.


Trek Committee Chairs

Trail Bosses: Steve & Wendi Snell
stevosnell@gmail.com; wendisnell@gmail.com

Assistant Trail Bosses: Dave & Barbara Garfield
dgarfield@gmail.com; crazyhairmama@gmail.com

Publicity/Registration Committee Chair: David & Sharie Scott
davidwilliamscott@gmail.com; shariebryson@gmail.com

Medical Committee Chair: Dave & Tiffany Stefl
Combatdave96@hotmail.com; tiffanystefl@hotmail.com

Program/Activity Committee Chair: Kevin & Rachel Hixson
kevinhixson@mac.com; rachelhixson@mac.com

Food Committee Chair: Greg & Lisa Jolley
gregjolley@gmail.com; lisajolley3@gmail.com

Equipment/Transportation Committee Chair: Steve Peck

Historical Committee Chair: Mike & Angalee Jackson
mikegjacksoncpa@gmail.com; angaleejackson@gmail.com

Music Committee Chair: Kristen Baker

Family History Committee Chair: Rich & Julie LaRocco
richlarocco@gmail.com; julie_clark@hotmail.com

Sound Committee Chair: Stanford Hadley

Website Committee Chair: Mike Rivera
Contact Mike Rivera

Clothing Committee Chair: Stephanie Wigren and Janell Spencer
steffart@yahoo.com; janelspencer@yahoo.com