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Pioneer History

Look up and choose names of actual pioneers

Edward Martin Company

James G. Willie Company

Trekking With A Pioneer

More than 90% of the Mormon pioneers who crossed the 1,300 miles of wilderness to Salt Lake City, Utah did so with the aid of covered wagons pulled by oxen or horses. Less than 10% pulled handcarts, however, these saints inspire us today because of their devotion and perseverance to their faith and family. For three months these saints pulled small wagons by hand, step by step, mile by mile. 8 of the 10 handcart companies struggled to get to Salt Lake, but incurred a relatively low loss of life. The remaining two companies, lead by James Willie and Edward Martin both faced horrific conditions resulting in over 210 deaths along the way.

Roughly 1 in 5 died along the trail.

We honor these great men, women and children by reflecting on their experiences and remembering their sacrifice. Trek provides an opportunity for us to gain some insight into their experiences. Your Trek experience will be wonderful and life changing. Incorporating the spirit of an actual pioneer will amplify your experience. Please spend some time prior to Trek learning about these ordinary people who did amazing things. Hearing their stories will give you a glimpse into their ordeals, empathize with their struggles, and rejoice in their triumphs.

Each of you are being asked to “take a pioneer with you” on Trek. This is accomplished by selecting either a family member who crossed the plains or any one of the hundreds that risked it all to get to Zion. The pioneer you select should be kept in your thoughts as you participate in Trek. This could be someone who survived the journey or someone who didn’t. Please print out this story and bring it with you ready to share with your family. We encourage you to choose a pioneer early and learn as much as you can about that person.