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  • Trek Reunion Fireside - Sunday August 27th, 7pm.

Stake Presidency Message

We as a Stake Presidency are so excited to be with you on the Pioneer Trail in July 2017. We hope each of you youth, Pa’s and Ma’s, and all leaders, are excited for this opportunity to walk in the steps of the Pioneers. Some of you will be experiencing a trek for the first time; some may have experienced a trek previously. As members of the Farmington Utah West Stake. Our hope for each of you is that you will build a testimony with roots planted firmly in good ground, that you experience real growth, and come closer to the Lord! We will all be walking in the footsteps of those who showed us how to live by faith! On the trail and during the next 4 months of preparation you will have an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, the depth of your learning and growth will depend largely on your attitude.

Together we will explore: why the pioneers gave up what they had to come to the West; What drove them when the times got hard; And how it felt to be rescued when they were in a state of absolute desperation. We will also learn about our need to be rescued by the Savior as we trek through this life.

There are many who are working to make this a memorable experience; we want to thank them for their efforts. This experience may be, for many of you, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please be grateful to those who are spending their time to make this a meaningful experience for you. Plan now to do all your leaders and parents ask you to do to prepare. If you will do that, this trek experience will be life changing.

The site is full of useful information to help you get ready for Trek. You’ll be able to find out what to bring, where we’ll be headed, and what kinds of fun stuff we’ll do once we’re there. You can register online from this site so that you can attend. Finally, you’ll be able to read inspirational pioneer stories and complete monthly goals to help you prepare for the journey.

With Love, Your Stake Presidency If you have any questions about Trek, check out the FAQ section, or contact us by email, or find us on facebook.

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